Sorting, Sub-assembly, Inspeccion and Verification of Used Material Gage Go No-Go and Measuring Equipment.  

Sorting and Rework:

  • Defined and established processes
  • Daily report
  • Visual aids
  • Work audits
  • Trained personnel
  • Provision of services in our company´s facilities and/or on site
  • Product adaptability
  • Downtime elimination due to defective raw material

Lean Manufacturing:

  • Accommodation of our work areas
  • Flexible working Shifts
  • Specialized personnel
  • SPC handling
  • Material logistics
  • Turnover savings
  • Daily report delivery

Technical Assistance:

  • Material constant monitoring
  • Immediate response to the corrective actions
  • Available 24 - 7

Sort Rework and Sub - Assemblies :

  • Visual inspections
  • CS1/CS2 containment implementation
  • Electrical y electronic, plastic, metal components sorting
  • Cables, harnesses, cardboard, fixtures and gages re - work (among others)
  • Assembly and sub - assembly
  • Rust elimnation and prevention process
  • Paint process (rework and retouch)
  • Warehouse floor space
  Your Best Option by Sorting, Rework and Industrial Machining in Reynosa Tamaulipas.  
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